updated.. 4/30/2017
Activities in May
Tues 2nd Lewis Ave                                                                                                6:30pm Mt Carmel Learning Ctr
Thurs 4th North Meriden                                                                                         6:30pm New Opportunities
Wed 10th Lower East Side                                                                                    7pm Meriden Public Library
Thurs 11th Washington Park                                                                                7pm Roger Sherman School
                  Stagecoach Riders
Sat 13th Meriden-Markham Airport Fly in & Public Safety Festival                   9am-3pm……..See Below
Sat 13th Christadelphian’s Chapel Car Wash…………..See Below……......9am-2pm 145 Evansville Ave
Mon 15th Crown Village                                                                                           7pm Pool Meeting Room
                Hillside Gardens
Tues 16th Lincoln Area                                                                                            CANCELLED
                Glen Hills                                                                                  
Wed 17th Downtown Assoc………………note new meeting location………5pm Nina’s Cafe
Wed 17th Dutch Hill                                                                                                  6:30pm First Baptist Church
Thurs 18th Action 13                                                                                                 7pm Immanuel Lutheran Church
Fri 19th South Meriden Associations Wine Beer & Pizza Tasting                     6p-9p Camp St & Main St
Sat 20th Mayor’s Clean-Up Day……………………See Below………………...8:30am-11:30am City Hall
Sat 20th Free Bulky Waste Disposal Day……....See Below…………...............7am-Noon Transfer Station Evansville Ave
Mon 22nd City Park                                                                                                     7pm Mt Hebron Church
Thurs 25th South Meriden Social                                                                             6p-8p South Meriden Police Substation
Mon 29th Memorial Day Parade                                                                               10am Broad-East Main-Meriden Green
Neighborhood Initiative Unit Update
Lt. Sherwood and Sgt. Lacerda

Hello everyone,
Now that the spring weather is upon us the amount to people walking and enjoying the warmer weather will increase so check the sidewalks and curbs along your streets. If there is
any damage, report it to the city (via City of Meriden website). As we all know, crime never takes a vacation, but people do. If you have plans to go away, it is encouraged that you
complete a closed home form with the Meriden Police Department for extra checks on your property while you are away. While this is not a guarantee that your property will remain
crime free, it does provide an increase of police attention to the property to help deter crime. Also, let a trusted neighbor or friend know you are leaving. Consider placing timers on
some interior lights or radios, and ensure you stop your mail. Also, make a conscious effort to lock your car doors and window. In addition, remember that if you are going to open any
house window especially on the ground floor, enable the window slide security locks.  Finally, always remember to remain vigilant and look out for one another. Only in working in
partnership with the community, with one another and with the police can we all help keep our neighborhoods safe.

South Meriden Groups Beer Wine & Pizza Tasting Fri May 19th 6pm-9pm
Being held at Camp St and Main St in South Meriden. The event for 21 and over only is a fundraiser for the associations to benefit upcoming neighborhood activities. Tickets can be
purchased the night of the
event or at Casa Di Roma Restaurant in South Meriden All are invited to attend.  Rain date is Saturday May 20th.

Community Clean-up Day: Sat May 20th  8:30am-11:30am
The day starts out at City Hall for a pep rally and to pick up supplies then everyone will head out to their areas for a morning of sprucing up the neighborhoods. Neighborhood
Associations will be doing a wide variety of projects in their neighborhoods from community gardens, neighborhood parks, and cemetery clean-up. Neighborhood Initiative Unit
Officers will be out in their neighborhoods greeting neighbors and meeting with neighborhoods associations. There will be a light lunch planned for those who participate at the
conclusion of the clean-up at City Hall.  Any organizations wanting to participate in the clean-up are asked to call Holly Wills at (203) 634-1248.

Free Bulky Waste Disposal Day Sat May 20th 7am-12:00pm
The City of Meriden Transfer Station located on Evansville Avenue will be open to Meriden residents, with a valid I.D., on Saturday, May 20 between 7:00 A.M. and 12:00 Noon for the
FREE disposal of household bulky waste, leaves and brush. Acceptable items include; furniture, carpeting, bedding, appliances, metals, toys, leaves in biodegradable paper bags or
emptied from other containers and brush not exceeding 6 inches in diameter and 4 feet long. The City does not accept auto parts, recyclable materials, construction materials, scrap
wood or hazardous waste (i.e., oil, gasoline, paint, solvents, and pool/lawn chemicals).
The City accepts the following electronic waste: Monitors, CPUs, Batteries (non-lead acid), IPods, PDA's, Cell Phones, Fax Machines, CRTs, Terminals, Stereos, Radios, Toner
Cartridges, Printers, Keyboards, Copiers, Telephone PBX, Cables, VCRs, Modems, Mainframes, Typewriters, Laptops, Inkjet Cartridges and Televisions. The City reserves the right to
inspect and reject all materials. Non-commercial vehicles only.
There will be NO curbside pickup associated with this program.
Compost and untreated wood chips are available free of charge.
It is anticipated this FREE bulky waste disposal opportunity will be busy and waiting times may be longer than normal. Every effort will be made to minimize wait times.
The City does not sponsor a roadside collection of leaves in the Spring.

Meriden Markham Airport Fly-in & Public Safety Festival:  Sat May 13th  9am to 3pm  
The third annual 2017 Meriden Markham Airport Fly-In & Public Safety Festival will be held on Sat May 13th A fly-in is like a car show in that private planes come in to be judged and win
trophies. There will be food, music and entertainment. Displays and vehicles from police, fire and EMS. A great family event with something for everyone!  Admission is free. Shuttle
buses will be available 9am to 2pm from the Meriden Green and Columbus Park on Lewis Ave. Rain date is May 21st.

Meriden Christadelphians Car Wash: Saturday May 13th 9am-2pm
The Christadelphian Chapel are holding a car wash on Sat May 13th at their chapel located at 145 Evansville Ave. They will be accepting charitable donations which will benefit the
needy children in India. Please come out and support their efforts!

South Meriden Social Hosted by Officer Fred Rivera: Thurs May 25th  6pm to 8pm
Thursday May 25th 6pm to 8pm South Meriden Police Substation 113 Main St. Stop by for a cup of coffee, discuss any concerns or questions you might have with Officer Rivera, City
Councilor Bob Williams and City Councilor Cathy Battista. All are welcome.

Meriden’s Memorial Parade: Mon May 29th 10am
On behalf of the City of Meriden and the United Veterans Council Memorial Day Committee, you are  invited to participate in the 2017 Memorial Day Parade.  The parade will take place
on Memorial Day  Monday May 29th 10am.  The 2017 parade route will be from Curtis Street, north onto Broad Street (Veterans Memorial Boulevard) and west onto East Main Street to
the Meriden Green.  A formal Memorial Day ceremony will take place at the Meriden Green at the parade conclusion. While you're enjoying time with family and friends that weekend,
take the time to honor the memory of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of the United States.  For further information contact: Bob Williams (203)641-4622 or Ron
Perry (203)235-5635.

City of Meriden: Street Light Outage Reporting   
The City of Meriden street lights are now being managed by Tanko Lighting and are responsible for maintaining the street light equipment. The process to report a street light out or
any other non- emergency issue with a street light, residents can submit a service request on line at: or by calling 855-201-2613.

Meriden Kicks Off Rent Rebate Program
The City of Meriden will start accepting applications for the State of Connecticut Renters' Rebate Program.  This program is for Connecticut Renters who are elderly or totally disabled,
and whose income does not exceed certain limits.  Person renting an apartment or room, or living in cooperative housing or mobile homes may be eligible for this program. Recipient
or spouse must be 65 years of age or older, or be 50 years of age or older and the surviving spouse of a renter who at the time of the renter's death had qualified and was entitled to
tax relief provided such spouse was domiciled with such renter at the time of the renters' death, or 18 years of age or older and eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits.  
Must meet a one year state residency requirement.  Rebates may be up to $900 for married couples or $700 for single persons depending on income and expenses.  Appointments
must be made by calling the Meriden Senior Center, 22 West Main Street, at 203-237-0066.  Appointments are available between April 1 and October 1, 2016.   

City of Meriden: Water Main Rehabilitation Project                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Starting May 1, 2017, the Meriden Water Division and its subcontractor, Heitkamp Inc., will begin a water main rehabilitation project.  Water mains located on Pratt St from Center St to
Broad St (Phase 1), are scheduled for rehabilitation.  Customers will be connected to a temporary (above ground) water system.  This will occur when temperatures are at a level that
will not allow freezing of the temporary water mains.  There may be some discoloration of water, and possibly some reduced pressure at the start of the project.  This project, Phase 1,
will include cleaning and cement lining of water mains, as well as valve and fire hydrant installation.  Phase 1, project duration is approximately 8 weeks.  A second phase will take
place upon completion of Phase 1.  Phase 2, project duration is approximately 8 weeks as well. The Meriden Water Division staff will personally contact property owners to coordinate
work activity.

May 2017  News from the Meriden Department of Health and Human Services
165 Miller Street  *  203-630-4226  *


Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 10:30am to 1:30pm at the Meriden Health and Human Services Department, 165 Miller Street, second floor (Teen Conference Room). This class is taught by
certified car seat technicians. Open to all Meriden residents. Seating is limited and you must call 203-630-4223 to register. No walk-ins are allowed! Everyone who attends will receive
a free (age and weight appropriate) car seat, one per family. Lunch is provided. Funding for this program is provided by the CT DPH Preventative Health Block Grant.

Environmental Health Reminder: Storm Drains -Where Does the Water Go?

Do you know that difference between a "storm drain" and a "sewer drain"?  Most people don’t realize that these are two separate systems.  The sewer drain carries sewage from your
house and is processed and treated at the Water Pollution Control Facility.  The large circular plates you see in the middle of the street are actually manhole covers for the sewer

Storm drains or catch basins are the open or grated drains you see at the sides of the road by the curb.  These drains collect all the water run-off from street to help in flood control.  
The big difference between these systems is that this water is NOT processed or treated.  This water goes directly to streams, brooks and rivers.  Some of these water sources are
actually part of the public drinking water system.     

Many people ask "so why put a storm drain in areas that have the potential to directly pollute our water ways".  The answer is that storm drains are designed to reduce the potential for
road flooding, including parking lots and highways.  It is the responsibility of all residents to protect the water, both drinking and recreational.

How do we do this?  Simple: Don’t' put anything directly into the storm drains that could pollute the water.  Some examples include waste oil or other auto fluids generated from routine
car maintenance, leaves that you remove from your property, lawn fertilizers, litter and dog feces.  These items are also called "non-point source pollution".

So what do you do with your auto fluids, leaves and dog feces?  Auto fluids and yard waste should be properly recycled, contact Public Works at (203) 630-4259 for the location and
operating times of the landfill. Lawn fertilizers should be applied as per manufacturer directions, not before heavy rains and be sure to not over-spread into road or on driveway. Dog
feces should be bagged and placed with your normal household garbage. Do not throw gum wrappers or other litter into the street.         

What should you do if you see someone dumping in a catch basin?  First, try to educate the person, maybe they don't realize that they are polluting the water.  Second, contact the
Health and Human Services Department (203) 630-4226 so that we may educate the person dumping.  If the person continues to dump, they may face legal action.  You should
contact Public Works if you notice a catch basin in need of cleaning.

eriden Senior Center
Meriden Senior Center Health Fair is May 17! Join us from
9-11:30am for vendor tables and giveaways, health screenings, entertainment, and free lunch to the first 200 attendees. Our public health nurses will be conducting free blood
pressure and total cholesterol screenings.

And save the date for the Special Day for Special People picnic at Hubbard Park – Saturday, June 3, 2017.

Summer Youth Employment Program
Applications will be available starting Thursday, May 11 for the Summer Youth Employment Program. Applications will be given out first come first serve from 3:00pm to 5:00pm or until
all 200 applications are gone.  Youth can pick up applications at the Department of Health and Human Services, Youth Services office, at 165 Miller Street. Adults cannot pick up an
application for a youth. Our program is funded by the Workforce Alliance, Inc. which has certain criteria youth need to meet in order to be eligible for this program:
1.        Be 14-18 years of age by July 1, 2017, AND
2.        Be eligible for the Free or Reduced School Meals Program, OR
•        The family income is within 185% of Poverty Income Levels (for example a family of 4 would have to make less than $44,955)
•        OR is a member of a family that receives SNAP (food stamps)
•        OR the youth applicant is a foster child
•        OR the youth has a documented disability

If you have any questions, please call Meriden Youth Services at 203-630-4225 or email